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KENNETT, MO – Supporters from across the country converged on the Dunklin County Courthouse Monday to voice public outrage against the Kennett Police Department and Dunklin County Prosecutor’s Office. Heather Ellis, 24, cut in line at the Kennett Wal-Mart on January 6, 2007 and created a disturbance after police were called, court documents said. According to court filings, Ellis assaulted two white police officers who told her to leave the premises. She was arrested on two felony counts of assaulting a police officer and two misdemeanor violations.

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Ellis, a black school teacher in Louisiana, was in college at the time of her arrest. She charges customers and police officers as being racially disingenuous.

“Heather Ellis is innocent of all bogus charges and I demand that all charges be dropped and her record be expunged,” said Rev. Dr. Nathan Ellis, Heather’s father. “My daughter Heather is not a Dr. Jeckle out of Mrs. Hyde. She is not the Freddy Kruger that they made her out to be.”

Ellis is due in Dunklin County Circuit Court Wednesday to answer her charges. Her father said she has rejected a plea deal.

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“This act of tyranny was an attempt to murder her personage with the use of a lethal pen and paper,” said Ellis. “For her illegal arrest, she was accused of attacking five white police officers outside a Wal-Mart. Come on. Please, don’t try to insult my intelligence.”

A rally was held Monday afternoon in downtown Kennett. A crowd of roughly 200 people stood outside in the mist to witness what organizers named a call to action.

“We are here today because we believe in the constitution as well. It protects the individual from the persecution of the government,” said Dr. Wilmer Leon. “From the persecution of the police, some of them, not all, some of them, and the prosecutor, Mr. Sokoloff and his henchman.”

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