Civil Rights & Social Justice

The Big Apple has erupted in protests.

Race Matters

Around 200 members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans gathered at Georgia's Stone Mountain Park to celebrate Confederate Memorial Day and were shouted down by more than 100 counterprotesters.

Protests kicked off in Grands Rapids, Michigan, after the Grand Rapids Police Department released a video of an officer shooting a 26-year-old unarmed Black man in the head–the officer has not been charged.

Journalists at Howard University’s student-run newspaper 'The Hilltop' claim they're being censored after coverage of campus protests has declined in the past week.

Eight years after it was founded to honor the lives of Black people globally while advocating for equity across economics, social justice and environmental factors, the Black Lives Matter movement was nominated for a 2021 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday.

Commissioner Dermot Shea gave a troubling rebuke of Black Lives Matter protesters who were met with violence by members of the NYPD on Monday during a march held to honor Martin Luther King Jr.

In the suit, the New York attorney general petitions for the installation of a monitor to oversee the NYPD, and points to repeated instances of violence enacted by the department in response to the demonstrations.

Sunday's event and the LAPD's lackadaisical response exemplifies the collective frustration regarding law enforcement and why so many are advocating to defund the police.

On Thursday police released bodycam footage of the fatal shooting and identified the victim as a 23-year-old Black man named Dolal Idd.


The killings of George Floyd and the protests that have continued since have inspired companies, from Apple,PepsiCo,LEGOtocollege institutions, to take a different approach, with a renewed focus to bolster relationships with the communities they interact with. Some are now partnering with local leaders to begin working towards substantive goals.

A white officer was filmed using excessive force by kneeling on a bystander's back and reportedly dislocating the man's shoulder during a December 4 incident.

Sales Demo

“Racism isn’t going anywhere anytime soon,” says organizational psychologist Dr. Courtney McCluney, industrial and labor relations professor at Cornell University. “Companies tend to have a reactive response, to save face, where they rush to set up committees, hire chief diversity officers,” and promote Black employees to executive positions—sometimes the firstin the company’s history. But it's never going to stop, she adds, “we’ve had 400 years embedded in this model of living, so we have to get rid of this sense that we can solve racism tomorrow and think more long term.”