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One issue not being addressed during the presidential debates by either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is what needs to be done to foster growth within the job market.

At a time when Black women are starting businesses at a faster rate than anyone else in the country, the issue has been absent from the campaign trail. Overall, minority-owned businesses in America generate $400 billion in annual revenue, create an estimated $49 billion in generated tax revenue, and account for the creation of 2.25 million jobs.

Dr. Ron Busby from Black Chambers Inc. was once quoted as saying, “If every Black business in America was able to increase their capacity and just hire one more worker, you literally can wipe out Black unemployment in America.”

Joset Wright-Lacy, President of the National Minority Supplier Development Council, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to talk about the challenges facing minority businesses.

She told Martin it is very concerning that Trump and Clinton are not talking about jobs because “minority businesses factor in significant job growth.

Not talking about jobs in minority communities, which are at risk, which have high rates of unemployment, lower rates of education, using jobs as a way to get beyond that – they’re not talking about that and it is very disturbing.” 

Trump, whose claim to fame is as a businessman and job creator, has not addressed the issue when talking to or about African-Americans. Instead, the presidential hopeful is touting “law and order.”

Martin said, “That’s not going to resonate with Black people…You might want to bring up small businesses, you might want to bring up jobs.”

Wright-Lacy responded to the NewsOne Now host: “Nobody knows really what to do with it. They don’t know how to handle that.” She explained that corporate America, government, and private citizens are all going to have to do their respective parts to grow jobs through entrepreneurship. 

Watch Roland Martin, Joset Wright-Lacy, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss challenges minority business owners face and how to grow jobs in the video clip above.


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