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Two young Black women from Ohio can be seen stumping for Donald Trump in a documentary series produced by Dateline, an Australian news magazine show.

ShoMore DeNiro and her friend Justis Harrison offer unwavering, emphatic support akin to that of “Diamond” and “Silk,” two sisters who have publicly campaigned for Trump.

DeNiro and Harrison appear in a short segment of “Who’s Still With Trump?,” a film about Trump supporters in Middle America. In the four-minute clip, the two attend a Trump rally and attempt to convince us the GOP candidate will indeed, “Make America Great Again.”

As the camera pans over the rally, the visuals are unnerving–DeNiro and Harrison are the only two people of color shown on camera. Though they mention speaking with other minorities at the rally, we never see it on film.

“When it first came out that I was supporting Mr. Trump, everyone was like, ‘What’s wrong with you?'” DeNiro says in the clip.

“A lot of things that Mr. Trump is actually saying is what I believe in,” DeNiro said. “We were a really good country and I don’t know what happened through the years, but I’d like us to get back to where our jobs were here and our education was back on top.”

And for Harrison, her vote for Trump is tied to integrity – something that Hillary Clinton lacks, she says.

“People are pretty passionate about, you know, her being a liar, and they’re just really against her. And there’s just so much negativity surrounding Hillary Clinton,” Harrison says.

While it’s no secret that Trump struggles with “the African-Americans,” a recent CBS News national poll shows Trump holds only four percent of the Black vote.

And a separate piece written by the outlet conveys Ohio’s status as a key state; especially among Black women voters.

In the 2012 election, 83 percent of registered Black women cast their ballot, which was 10 points higher than the turnout rate of all other women. Exit polls showed African-American voters made up 15 percent of the vote in Ohio; most were women, the report says.

Even though many young Black voters feel disenfranchised and disillusioned due to the selection of candidates, it’s clear Trump’s racist, misogynistic, xenophobic messaging hasn’t repulsed enough people.

Instead, as DeNiro and Harrison prove, he’s somehow able to reach the very people his rhetoric shuns.

SOURCE: DatelineCBS News, Facebook | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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