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Police authorities in Havana, Florida, made a gruesome discovery this week. The Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office arrested Sabrina Robinson, 50, on charges of gross neglect in the death of her son, Javontez Thomas,17, reports WCTV.

Deputies last week responded to a 911 call after paramedics found Javontez at the home where he lived with Robinson, her boyfriend and his 24-year-old sister. The severely malnourished teen weighed only 45 pounds when he was pronounced dead, notes the report.

A preliminary autopsy revealed that Javontez suffered from severe malnutrition and injuries consistent with severe and gross neglect, writes WCTV. The gut-wrenching scene shocked law enforcement officials to the core, the report says.

“That scene was so horrific,” said Sgt. Angie Hightower, writes the news outlet. “The biggest thing on his body was his head. Where he laid with that side of his face against a bed, a mattress that was filthy with urine and feces and maggots on it. The skin was rotting,” writes the television news outlet.

The death sent shock waves throughout the community. A neighbor, Annie Green, said she hadn’t seen Javontez in years and assumed the boy had left to live with his father. “I’m sitting here right next door and a child in there dying and I had no idea. He hadn’t been out the door to play, he never came outside. They kept him inside. It’s just horrible,” the report says.

Based on the condition of the teen’s body, Robinson and her boyfriend decided to called 911 for help. Investigators estimate he had been dead for a minimum of 3 days before the call was made. Robinson was charged with aggravated child neglect and manslaughter, notes the report. Deputies say it’s now up to the state attorney’s office to review the case and decide if any further charges will be filed.



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