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Yusef Salaam, one of the Central Park Five, says he is still defending himself against decades-old rape accusations thanks to Donald Trump. Now, he has decided to speak out against the Republican presidential nominee.

If you remember, in 1989, two weeks after five teens were arrested for allegedly raping a woman in New York City’s Central Park, Trump spent $85,000 on a full-page ad in New York’s four daily newspapers saying the teens should face the death penalty for their crimes.

Thirteen years later, the Central Park Five was exonerated of the crime and received a $41 million settlement from the State of New York. Trump has never apologized for his display of hate and continues to believe they are guilty.

Salaam joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to speak out against Trump, saying it is “ridiculous” for the GOP presidential nominee to continue to harbor his misinformed beliefs.

“When he (Trump) took out those ads, it was almost like a cry to the people in the darker enclaves of society to go into our homes, to drag us from our homes, and to hang us from trees in Central Park,” he said.

Salaam sarcastically blasted Trump for continuing to allude that the Central Park Five is guilty: “He (Trump) really has the absolute wherewithal to be able to see all of the pieces of the puzzle, put it all together and make some proper decisions on it.”

Salaam has also called for Trump to apologize for his actions in prosecuting the five teens in the media for a crime they did not commit and said, “To err is a part of us being human.” Unfortunately, Trump does not seem to believe his rush to judgment was an error.

“When I look at Donald Trump, he walks around with this air of affluenza. He also walks around with this whole idea that he’s completely infallible … he would have probably never apologized to anything had he been able to get away with it 100 percent, but those videos that came out about him groping women and bragging about it – he had to come out and apologize for that,” said Salaam.

Calling the current time we live in “sad,” Salaam added Trump wants to be the “law and order” president and institute a national policy of stop-and-frisk, a policing practice that was found unconstitutional.

“We have two candidates – really one is the only one that people can vote for, ’cause this other one is going to send us all to get hung,” concluded Salaam.

Watch Roland Martin and Yusef Salaam discuss Donald Trump’s candidacy and role in publicly prosecuting the Central Park Five in the video clip above.


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