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Roland Martin visited the battleground state of Ohio this past weekend and spoke with a number of Ohioans prior to Election Day.

Congresswoman Marcia Fudge told Martin that Republican-led voter suppression efforts shorted the people of Ohio of absentee ballot applications, purging 40,000 voters from her county. In spite of the efforts to suppress Black voters, Rep. Fudge explained they have been able to regain ground and are “now at a point where numbers are going to be extremely high.” 

Expressing a sense of optimism and excitement, Fudge thinks the vote totals “are going to be as good, if not better than they were in 2012,” and predicted, “We’re going to win Ohio.”

As an example of the onerous efforts led by Republican lawmakers, Fudge shared that during Ohio’s early voting period, only one early voting location was made available in the county she represents. Fudge said, “People are lined up around the block.”

The congresswoman continued, “They are standing in lines for long periods of time, but they are coming anyway and they are not leaving. They’re going to make sure their votes are counted.

“Even though our ballots are kind of creeping up, we’re getting to about where they need to be … between now and Tuesday they’re going to be bombarded with votes,” said Rep. Fudge.

Watch Roland Martin, Rep. Marcia Fudge, Cleveland City Councilman Jeffrey Johnson, and a number of voters from the battleground state of Ohio discuss the importance of this year’s election in the video clip above.


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