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President-elect Donald Trump seems to have already reversed course on a number of the promises he used to vault him to the highest office in the land.

South Korea says Trump has pledged to keep the United States’ commitment to defend the nation and the statement on banning Muslims has vanished from his campaign website.

Trump’s supporters rallied behind boisterous speeches and inflammatory rhetoric focused on banning Muslims, repealing Obamacare, not defending NATO allies, and rebuilding inner cities for “The African-Americans.”

On Thursday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin and his panel of guests discussed what will happen when Trump’s supporters realize he has already reneged on two campaign promises and will not be able to make good on several others he used to rise to power.

During the segment, Martin questioned the reaction when Republicans repeal the Affordable Care Act, “they wake up and realize, ‘Oh I have a pre-existing condition,'” and they no longer have health care coverage.

Donald Cravins, Senior Vice President of Policy at the National Urban League, also questioned how Trump’s supporters will react after realizing their child in college under the age of 26 is no longer covered.

Is it possible that Trump’s supporters have not fully assessed their best interests, or is it that their hatred of President Barack Obama and the Clintons blinded their judgment? The answers to these questions have yet to unfold.

As it relates to Trump’s plan to rebuild the inner cities of America, Cravins said, “At the National Urban League, we want to see if he is going to keep that promise.”

Cravins continued, “He (Donald Trump) told African-Americans ‘What do you have to lose? We’ve got to work on these inner cities,’ even though he assumed all African-Americans lived in the inner cities…But even in his acceptance speech he said he is going to invest in infrastructure, he’s going to build bridges and wants to create millions and millions of jobs.”

The Senior Vice President of Policy said in response to Trump’s presidential election acceptance speech, “We want to work with him to do that … and if he doesn’t stand by his promises, then what he’s going to find is the Urban League and the civil rights community for the next four years are going to be knocking on his door.”

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the possibility of Trump fulfilling his campaign promises to his supporters and rebuilding the inner cities in the video clip above.


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