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Donald Trump‘s election win has stirred up negative feelings among many Americans.

The shock of last Tuesday’s election results has turned into fear, anger, sadness and even depression for some Americans who supported Hillary Clinton. Some of these feelings of angst are being felt more prominently by Black Americans and other minorities because of Trump’s blatantly racist rhetoric on the campaign trail.

Dr. Kevin Washington, President of the Association of Black Psychologists, revealed on Tuesday’s edition of NewsOne Now that the trauma concerning the dehumanization of Black life has “proliferated” with the process of this year’s election.

Washington explained the idea of “powerlessness” speaks volumes as to how deep the issues have resonated with African-Americans. One instance of this despair manifested in a question a Black student asked his White teacher. According to Dr. Washington, the student asked, “When we are slaves again, can I come stay at your house?”

Dr. Washington said Trump’s election and his use of racial ideology “galvanized a population and so they understood that message [more than] anything else.” He added that we know Trump’s slogan of “Make America Great Again” and calls to “build a wall” is coded language “for the marginalization of a populous that has experienced that for hundreds of years in this country.”

As incidents of racism and bigotry continue to escalate in the wake of Trump’s election, Washington said psychologists are organizing and conducting discussions on activism “so we cannot lose the fact that we are resilient people, that we’ve overcome Jim Crow, overcome enslavement experiences, and that we move with that verve.”

“Know who we are as a people and know that we have overcome, so we’re not succumbing to this ideology, we’re actually finding ways to strengthen [ourselves],” he continued.

Avis Jones-DeWeever asked Washington how African-Americans can navigate the workplace after seeing co-workers who may have seemed friendly supporting the ideology of Trump and his supporters.

Dr. Washington called the proposed scenario “the moment of truth,” and explained once these individuals have been clearly identified, we can begin to “heal ourselves from the belief that somehow we’ve been included.”

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