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Personal trainer Kuti Mack has a few tips to help you stay in shape during the winter months.

Mack spoke with Roland Martin during Monday morning’s Fit!Live!Win! segment on NewsOne Now about winterizing your workouts, what type of clothing you should wear, and how to get a full body workout despite the freezing temperatures.

According to the fitness expert, you should dress as if it is 10 degrees warmer than it actually is because as you begin to exercise, your body temperature will increase.

For those who are not willing to brave the elements to get their workout in, Mack suggested viewers run up and down their stairs, perform jumping jacks, shadow box, or use a jump rope.

Even though you may not have access to the gym or are not able to get outside for your routine, Mack said you should spend about the same amount of time performing the aforementioned exercises as you normally would.

Watch Roland Martin, Kuti Mack and the NewsOne Now panel discuss how to continue your exercise routine during the winter months in the video clip above.

Want more exercise tips? Mack posts new exercise routines every Friday on his Facebook page for all fitness levels at


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