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How can anyone hate on Santa Claus?

A number of individuals on social media have found a way to spread some Yuletide bigotry after the Mall of America hired its first ever Black Santa.

Unfortunately, the racist and bigoted remarks went so far as to call for a boycott of the mall.

Santa, also known as Larry Jefferson, is a retired veteran who was chosen from nearly a thousand other auditions to lead the Santa’s Experience at the mega mall. He joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss taking on the role of St. Nicholas at the nation’s biggest shopping center.

Despite the racist backlash, Jefferson told Martin, “My job during my season is to provide cheer, joy, peace and help spread the good news about Christ’s birth and that’s what I focus on. I don’t focus on anything else.”

The most insane thing about the vitriolic backlash is that Black Santa’s detractors are getting worked up over a fictional character. Jefferson said, “Anybody can be Santa Claus – you got to have that good heart and good spirit … and the love for the holidays and be willing to share that good spirit and cheer throughout the year.” 

It seems as if the election of Donald Trump has brought out the anti-Black Santa crowd, because prior to the social media uproar, Jefferson explained he had not experienced outrage for playing the role of Jolly Ol’ St. Nick.

“Most times, people just come up [and] give me hugs, high fives and we laugh and just celebrate Christmas,” he said.

Watch Roland Martin, Larry Jefferson, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the backlash over a Black Santa in the video clip above.


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