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Jasmyne Cannick, a journalist and political and social issues commentator, is taking the Los Angeles Police Department and Police Chief Charlie Beck to court.

Her lawsuit against the LAPD stems from her arrest during a police brutality protest in November 2014. While other reporters were allowed to leave after identifying themselves as journalists, the LAPD refused to release Cannick.

Earlier this month, Cannick filed a lawsuit for false arrest as a result of her detention, alleging false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, and violations of her First Amendment rights.

On Tuesday, Cannick spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now about her ordeal and fight for justice.

She told Martin that the night she spent in jail was probably payback for all her reports about Police Chief Beck. Her website,, is full of articles targeting the police chief who can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight, and also includes hilarious ringtones taunting the embattled top cop.

In one article, Cannick hits Beck close to home, detailing a scandal involving the police chief and his daughter, an officer on the force.

Cannick wrote: “Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck is angry with me … Chief Beck’s anger comes from the allegations surrounding his daughter, Officer Brandi Pearson, and her involvement in Hopesgate and the fact that the news broke that it appears she is, in fact, benefiting from being his daughter in the department.”

The long-time reporter told Martin the worst part about her arrest and night in jail was the story cooked up by the LAPD to justify her detainment.

Cannick explained the LAPD alleged she was leading the protesters and she “encouraged people to knock the police down [and] cross their skirmish line.”

She continued, “They fabricated this whole entire story and by the time it was time to pick the jury … they just dropped the case because they had no evidence whatsoever of that.”

Watch Roland Martin and Jasmyne Cannick discuss the LAPD’s vendetta against her in the video clip above.


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