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The Fraternal Order of Police, the nation’s largest police union, is hoping to get some payback for endorsing Trump during his presidential campaign.

The group reached out to President-elect Donald Trump and issued an “advisory” to their members about what to expect from the Trump Administration once the nation’s next president is sworn in.

The FOP expects the following:

  • The dismantling of some of President Barack Obama‘s 2015 reforms, including his call to increase the use of body cameras nationwide and create a national database on police use of force.
  • The cut-off of some or all federal aid to sanctuary cities and the lifting of the 2003 federal ban on racial profiling.

During Tuesday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Former Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee, Jr. and Redditt Hudson, co-founder of the National Coalition of Law Enforcement for Justice, Reform and Accountability, spoke with Roland Martin about the FOP’s so-called “advisory.”

Godbee told Martin, “When you add a desire to remove the federal ban on racial profiling, you’re talking about exacerbating already a horrific situation in a lot of communities.”

According to Godbee, there are about 18,000 police agencies across the United States and not all the chiefs in these law enforcement departments harbor the same views about reinstating racial profiling.

Godbee reminded viewers the FOP is a police union and not representative of the management of all police departments in America. Godbee later added that Trump’s “law and order” rhetoric during the campaign was extremely effective in attracting “people who want to take race relations back to the Nixon years, because that was the same rhetoric that Richard Nixon came up with and it was specific to communities of color.”

Hudson rebuked calls from the FOP to return to increased scrutiny of African-Americans and other minorities. “Racial profiling has no utility for law enforcement,” he said. “When you focus on race rather than behavior, you’re going to waste resources, waste time and alienate many people in the community that you need to work with you to try to address a particular issue.”

Hudson said the Fraternal Order of Police is “really pulling back restraint on the police in their ability to target people of color.” 

Watch Roland Martin, Ralph Godbee, Jr., Redditt Hudson, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the FOP’s “advisory” in the video clip above.


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