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On this day of thanks, it seems wholly appropriate to help some of our wonderful elected leaders figure out what they should be showing gratitude for this year. We’ve come up with a list of this year’s game-changers & what they should thank their lucky stars for. 5. Michael Steele, RNC Chairman

What he should be thankful for:

His stupid mouth: While it is constantly getting him into trouble with his fellow GOP’ers and revealing him as the “Uncle Tom” he is, his embarrassing gaffes seem to keep him relevant. Steele might also be thankful that the President is Black. Had it not been for that wee fact, the GOP may have already rid themselves of a leader whose political strategies are as good as a lemming.

4. Joe Lieberman, Democratic (?) Traitor Extraordinaire

What he should be thankful for:

That there is a merciful God President in the Oval Office. Barack Obama should have squished this bug when he had the chance. Why let the man hold onto his chairmanship when he, not only rebuked the Democratic candidate for the Presidency, but supported John McCain and was an actual contender for the GOP’s Vice Presidential slot? Well, I guess in a way he ought to be thankful he didn’t get that gig since we all know how that story ended…

Speaking of which..

3. Sarah Palin, Pitbull With Lipstick (that never gets old)

What she should be thankful for:

Ghostwriting: Here she was, American Loser with a killer set of gams. What good was that going to do her in her never-ending quest for world domination? If not for the poor sap who helped her formulate coherent sentences, she would never be perched atop the NYTimes Bestseller list. Good for her.

2. Max Baucus, Democratic Senator & Public Option Opposer

What he should be thankful for:

Confused Americans: No one knows what the hell he’s trying to pull with his lame attempt at health care legislation. Average Americans can’t make heads or tails of the health care debate so he was undaunted in his position against single-payer health care (aka, public option). How silly. Max Baucus, be grateful that you can continue operating under the cloak of darkness.

Last, but certainly not least…

1. Barack Obama, 44th President of These United States

What he should be thankful for:

American naivete: I voted for the guy, he’s got some impressive credentials and a powerful way with words. Winning the Presidency and entering into the historical lexicon as the “First Black American President,” is no small feat, to be sure. But, damn Obama, you really should thank your campaign team for marketing you so well that even with all the SMH disappointments so far, you’re still considered among the most promising leaders of this generation. You even convinced the Nobel committee to award you a preemptive Peace Prize! Now THAT’S what I call persuasive advertising. I will say, however, I’m not sure how long this “hope & change” business is going to last so you better get crackin’ on your To-Do’s or you won’t make it onto Santa’s “nice” list this year.

Do you agree or disagree with us? Tell us in the comments!


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