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Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore––who openly condemns Donald Trump––shared a plan to stop the Trump Train.

After telling his followers on Facebook, “There’s no crying in TrumpLand,” Moore explained his strategy and encouraged those feeling despondent to get to work, because “all hope is not lost.”

The blueprint reads in part:

Make your presence known: Demand your local Congressman/woman “block all the damage Trump is going to do.”

  • If your congressional representative is a Republican and he/she explains why they support Trump’s policies, “Politely tell them you and everyone you know will work to unseat them in 2018 if they don’t act independently from Trump.” 
  • If your congressional representative is a Democrat, “Tell him/her that you expect them to aggressively fight the Trump agenda – and if they don’t, you will work with others to support a true progressive in the Democratic primary in 2018.”

Moore also calls for involvement in the electoral process. Watch the video above and sound off in comments.

SOURCE: Facebook/Michael Moore, IBTimes 


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