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Top U.S. intelligence chiefs gave President-elect Donald Trump a face-to-face briefing on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s involvement in the 2016 presidential race last week, but he continues to refute criticism of Moscow.

Counter-terrorism expert Malcolm Nance, author of The Plot to Hack America: How Putin’s Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Electionis not taking Trump’s apparent denial of Russia’s role in hacking the 2016 presidential election lightly.

Nance, a former intelligence officer for the U.S. Government’s Special Operations in Homeland Security, slammed the nation’s President-elect during Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now“Trump didn’t see the declassified report, he saw the secret special access code word ‘For the President’s eyes only’ report,” he said.

According to Nance, this report “details every message and source of this hacking––he saw the crown jewels of this––if he wanted to see even more, including allied reports, the technical intelligence, all he would have to do is ask for it.”

Nance admonished Trump, and said, “He still denies this.”

“Across the board, everyone that I know that’s still in the intelligence community, retired people in the intelligence community, ex-directors of our national intelligence agencies, we’re dumbfounded, we just cannot understand why this man’s loyalty appears to be with the former Director of the KGB.”

The intelligence expert summed up Trump’s unwavering support of Russian President Putin saying, “If any individual within the United States government with a top-secret special compartmented information security clearance were to open their mouth and express the exact same opinion, they would be undergoing a counter-intelligence interrogation, they would have polygraphs, multiple polygraphs, across the spectrum of time,” Nance said.

“They would be marked and flagged for their career as a potential agent of a foreign power [or] a sympathizer to a hostile intelligence agency,” he concluded.

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Nation’s Top Intelligence Officer Claims Russia Hacked U.S. Elections, Spread Propaganda