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Investigators believe a fugitive wanted for murder has been receiving help to avoid capture even before he allegedly shot a female Orlando police officer on Monday.

ABC News reports that the Orlando police arrested the niece and the former job supervisor of Markeith Loyd and charged them as accessories after the fact.

The authorities arrested the suspect’s niece, Lakensha Smith-Loyd, on Wednesday.

Smith-Loyd, 27, allegedly obtained money from restaurant supervisor Zarghee Mayan to give her uncle shortly after Loyd, 41, allegedly shot and killed his pregnant ex-girlfriend in December.

The authorities arrested Mayan, 33, on Tuesday for providing food and transportation to Loyd. Mayan told investigators that the fugitive ordered him at gunpoint to driving him to several places after his ex-girlfriend was killed.

According to the news outlet, Mayan said he encountered Loyd as recently as Jan. 7—just days before Master Sgt. Debra Clayton was fatally shot in a shopping center parking lot.

Multiple law enforcement agencies began a massive manhunt on Monday for Loyd, who previously served time in prison on a federal drug offense.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina vowed to pursue charges against anyone else who is assisting Loyd.

SOURCE: ABC News, Associated Press


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