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For the second year since 1994, four African-American undergraduates have won Rhodes Scholarships, which carry with them the privilege of studying at Oxford, England’s oldest and most venerated university.

Named for the South African mining magnate, Cecil John Rhodes, the scholarships, worth about $50,000 each for two years, have been prominent passports to gateways of power, privilege and prestige since they were created in 1903.

Two of the four blacks are men, and two are women. They are Andre McCall from Truman State University, Ugwechi Amadi, an MIT senior, and two Harvard College undergraduates, Darryl Finkton and Jean Junior.

Representing 12.5 percent of the total of 32 winners from colleges and universities in the United States, the four men and women will take their places at Oxford next fall with the 28 other scholarship winners from this country.  All 32 scholarship winners were elected by 16 committees operating under the umbrella of the Rhodes Scholarship Trust, based in Vienna, Virginia.

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