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A Kennesaw, Georgia, plastic surgeon will not face criminal charges in the deaths of two patients, including one who screamed in pain because sedatives had worn off and was ordered to bite a towel to stifle her cries, WSBTV reports.

Dr. Nedra Dodds and her assistant, Kevin McCowan, performed a fat transfer procedure on April Jenkins, 37, at Opulence Aesthetic Medicine clinic in February 2013, according to The Daily Mail

Because the maximum dose of sedatives had worn off, Jenkins awoke screaming in pain, yellling, “It’s tearing. It’s burning,” writes the outlet.  She was instructed to bite on a towel to silence her screams, the report says.

Jenkins reportedly ‘snored loudly’ before her heart stopped on the table. And investigators discovered that  diaphragm and liver were lacerated in the tragic incident, writes the Mail.

Just five months later, another woman, Erica Beauburn arrived at the clinic for butt reduction surgery, and later died when her heart stopped, according to the Mail. Employees failed to call emergency assistance for twenty-two minutes, the report says. When they finally arrived, paramedics found  her in a pool of blood, unable to revive her for 90 minutes.

Dodds’ medical license was revoked and the clinic closed its doors. A criminal investigation would follow, leading both Dodds and her assistant to be charged with the murders of both patients along with charges of aggravated battery and theft by deception.

But Cobb County District Attorney Vic Reynolds said there was not enough information to build a criminal case against the duo.

‘I’m extremely, extremely troubled by this case and always have been from the very beginning.  My obligation is not to be concerned with what I want, what I like, what my opinion is. My decision has to be based on facts and law and in the end, I don’t think the case can be made,’ Reynolds said in a statement, according to WSBTV.

Jenkins’ family will reportedly continue to pursue justice by filing a civil suit against the doctor.



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