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UPDATE: Tuesday, January 24 7:40 PM ET

Michigan state officials said Tuesday that lead levels in Flint drinking water have fallen below the federal limits, reports Reuters.

From Reuters:

[With the news, State officials] cautioned residents to keep using filtered water as the city’s old lead pipes are replaced.

Tests showed lead levels in the city’s drinking water were 12 parts per billion (ppb) between July and December, below the federal limit of 15 ppb, Michigan officials said in a statement.

The water crisis erupted when tests in 2015 found high amounts of lead in blood samples taken from children in Flint, a predominantly black city of about 100,000….Flint resident Melissa Mays, a plaintiff in a drinking water lawsuit, said the results were misleading because only one-third of Flint homes had been tested and the state had not identified which homes have lead pipes.

Tuesday’s announcement also indicated that the state will soon stop providing a credit on customers’ bills, with the state planning to no longer pay for Flint’s water starting in March, reports ABC News.



Judge Rejects Brief Supporting Residents In Flint Water Crisis

A federal judge rejected a brief filed by Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette in support of Flint residents Monday, reports WDIV-TV.


Schuette and his special counsel, Noah Hall, are seeking to join a lawsuit against Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration by filing a brief that supports Flint residents. Schuette wants federal Judge David Lawson to keep an injunction in place, which calls for home-delivered water if lead filters haven’t been properly installed.

The judge on Monday rejected the filing. Lawson says there’s nothing new in Schuette’s arguments. He also says Schuette has injected a “troubling ethical issue.”

Lawson notes that lawyers in Schuette’s office are on the other side of the case, arguing that the injunction should be scratched.

Lawson must decide whether — and how — to force local and state officials to comply with a court order requiring door-to-door delivery of bottled water to Flint homes lacking a working water filter Tuesday, reports The Detroit News.

SOURCE: WDIV-TVThe Detroit News


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