Flint Water Crisis

Snyder's attorneys are arguing to have the case thrown out, claiming the charges filed against him last month should have been filed in Lansing where Snyder's office was located, instead of Genesee County.

Ex-Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, who was in office during what's become known as the Flint Water Crisis, was officially indicted for his role in the deadly outbreak of Legionnaires' disease in 2014 and 2015.

Should Joe Biden accept an endorsement from Republican former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, who is accused of trying to cover-up the Flint Water Crisis that disproportionately affected Black people? Twitter says yes.

Judge Greg Mathis donated 50,000 bottles of water to schools in Flint.

12-year-old Flint activist Amariyanna Copeny raised over $130K for water filtration systems.

The New Jersey city is in the hot seat for lead in its water, but it hasn't drawn similar attention as Flint.

Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, a prime suspect in the deadly Flint Water Crisis, was being rewarded by Harvard University as victims of the deadly environmental disaster were still searching for closure.

Through his company JUST Goods Inc., Jaden Smith is bringing clean water to Flint.

11-year-old Flint activist Mari Copeny has her own doll.

The billionaire businessman says he is not kidding about helping the city in crisis.