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After 53 percent of all White female voters helped put Donald Trump into office, White comedian Nikki Glaser is looking for someone to blame besides, well, her sex. So she did what White women have historically been known to do: Made up a lie about a Black person.

The White stand-up comedian called out Oprah Winfrey on Twitter, asking (and later deleting) a question about whether the media mogul had ever publicly condemned Trump. Glaser claimed that if Winfrey, whose fan base included numerous White women in her talk show days, had done so, White women would not have voted for the Republican.

Unfortunately for the Comedy Central star, no one else thought her jokes were funny. After receiving lots of backlash for her post, Glaser tweeted a follow-up just a few minutes later, writing:

One response that stood out was a follower who compared Glaser to another White comedian who has felt the wrath of social media multiple times following her insensitive remarks:

Luckily for the Not Safe with Nikki Glaser host, Queen O is probably somewhere totally unbothered and unfazed by the naysayers.

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