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Who is Joy Villa and why did she wear a dress that paid homage to President Donald Trump to the 2017 Grammy Awards?

The 25-year-old artist who describes herself as a singer, vegan and bodybuilder on Instagram, used her red carpet appearance on Sunday to make a political statement.

Villa shocked the crowd when she peeled off her white coat to reveal a dress with the words “Make America Great Again,” and “Trump” bedazzled on the front and back.

Many saw Villa’s action as a direct message to her liberal counterparts who voiced strong opinions at previous award shows against Trump and his divisive policies.

The exposure gave Villa’s record sales a boost as her EP “I Make The Static” is now one of the top trending albums on iTunes.

Half of Twitter erupted into full on read mode after Villa’s photo went viral.

But of course there were supporters who stanned for Villa’s right to “free speech.”

Andre Soriano, the fashion designer behind the dress who is also a naturalized citizen from the Philippines, told The Hollywood Reporter that the dress spreads a message of unity.

“I love this country. I’m from the Philippine islands, I am a proud American. I really love this country. I am a minority, Joy is black. America is about immigrants,” Soriano said.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter


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