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More than 200 students at Eastern Technical High School in Essex, Maryland gathered Thursday morning to express their anger over a racist picture from their school posted on social media by a fellow student, CBS News Baltimore reports.

“The principal and staff decided to allow the students of all races and ethnicities to come together for a peaceful protest to speak out to what they saw as blatantly racist,” a spokesman for Baltimore County Schools said, according to the news outlet.

CBS Baltimore said this image went viral after it was posted.

The media outlet blurred out the racial slur written in the sand of the baseball diamond. A caption below the epithet says “baseball is a white mans sport.”

School officials said the student responsible for posting the image was disciplined but declined to give any details, said the news station.

At the demonstration, “Black people came up to give testimonials, prayers. Christians came up. Muslims came up. Everybody came up to represent, not only this as a student body, but our school to show that we’re not racist,” senior Mark Buckland told WBAL-TV.

Another student protester said, “They just claim that it was a joke, but this type of stuff is not really a joking matter,” CBS Baltimore reported.

SOURCE:  CBS News Baltimore, WBAL-TV


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