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Just three months after moving into their new house, a Black family in Minnesota came home Sunday to find their property burglarized and vandalized with racist graffiti, according to the Star Tribune.

Swastikas, along with the words ‘Get Out,’ were spray-painted on several walls of Latana Douglas‘ home where she lived with her husband and three foster children in Delano, Minnesota.

Along with the exterior graffiti, the family came home to find swastikas sprayed on interior walls, along with damaged items, stolen property and piles of trash. According to the outlet, a TV and a newly purchased couch were also spray-painted.

But the most jarring element was a forewarning of more to come with a note that read, “Next time, it’s going to be fire.”

“If it was a burglary, that’s one thing. It happens everywhere. But when you have people judging you for other reasons that you can’t do anything about, that makes it even harder,” Douglas said in an interview with WCCO.

Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Todd Hoffman told the Tribune the incident could ultimately lead to a federal hate crime investigation.

According to Douglas family spokesperson Naresh Uppal, who also rents the property to the family, the incident drove the family to move to an undisclosed address in a more diverse neighborhood.

Uppal began a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the family’s expenses, and so far they’ve raised over $22,000 at the time of report.

Authorities vowed to continue investigating and bring much needed closure to the Douglas family.

Police are offering a $2,500 reward to anyone who can provide information that leads to an arrest.

SOURCE: Star Tribune, WCCO


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