A Kansas man confessed to scrawling racist graffiti on his own car as a Halloween prank Monday after the incident called attention to racial tensions at Kansas State University.

Authorities in Washtenaw County, Michigan arraigned a Black man for racial graffiti incidents on the Eastern Michigan University campus.


The most jarring element was a forewarning of more to come with a note that read, "Next time, it's going to be fire."

Racial Slur painted over on interracial couple's home. The couple vowed to leave the slur until police made an arrest.

The NAACP slams Stamford, Connecticut officials. It calls for a full police investigation of the crime.

A Black family discovers racist graffiti painted on their fire-destroyed house. Their hospitalized child was longing to come home.

Thieves broke into New York Giant Nikita Whitlock's New Jersey home, stealing personal items and scrawling hate messages on walls.

A Black man running for sheriff discovers the letters "KKK" painted on his campaign sign. He's surprised by the racist act in his community.

There's a third reported racist graffiti incident at Eastern Michigan University. School officials have doubled their reward for information leading to an arrest.

JOLIET, Ill. — A group of employees at a Illinois warehouse have filed a discrimination complaint over racist graffiti on the walls of their workplace, alleging that the management was notified but did not intervene. Chicago Tribune reports: The workers said the discrimination stems from racist graffiti, including swastikas and KKK signs, painted in the […]