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Everyone’s Twitter timeline was on fire Monday when #UberBae found out her boyfriend was cheating on her after she picked up his alleged mistress.

It all started when she picked up the other woman from the airport who kept talking about how much she missed her boyfriend. It wasn’t until they got closer to the apartment building and she saw her boyfriend’s car outside that she realized he was cheating.

The disastrous love story went viral online and led to some real life consequences. It turns out that Uber Bae, whose twitter handle is @Msixelaa, did an interview with TMZ Friday and revealed that the police showed up at her job. She drove off with the other woman’s luggage still in her trunk and the police were there to collect the belongings.

Her boyfriends mother has also threatened her, saying that if she posts “his picture” or says “his name, she’s going to sue me for defamation of character. I’m not calling him anything.”

Uber Bae, or Bre, says that she has received several offers to monetize her situation but refuses to further the negative ordeal.

SOURCE: The Daily Beast, TMZ


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