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Planned Parenthood Federation of American announced Thursday that Shonda Rhimes is a new member of its national board, reports NBC News.

From NBC News:

For Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, Rhimes was a natural choice for many reasons. Richards explained in an interview to Elle that Rhimes has always been a long-time supporter, already serving on the Board in Los Angeles, and she felt that the executive brought a valuable perspective.

“But what she brings not only to this board, but frankly to the world, is her commitment to lift up the stories of people who don’t always get heard, whether it’s in the way she talks about LGBT issues or women’s reproductive health care or [the way she] centers people of color on television,” Cecile Richards told Elle.

…”I think the point of our country, our planet, the reason we’re all here, one of the best things that we can do is be concerned about something even when it doesn’t concern us,” said Rhimes to Elle when discussing how some of the media is portraying this as only a “women’s issue.”

Despite Rhimes not taking advantage of Planned Parenthood services, the Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal creator understands “the necessity of providing accessible resources. Affordable health care services are even more important for low-income women,” reports Salon.



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