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Republicans control Washington but have no real legislative victories to show folks back home during their two-week Easter recess. They miss former President Barack Obama, whom they blamed in the past for not getting anything accomplished.

“Clearly, President Obama gave us a common focus. Now that he’s gone, we have to govern,” Rep. Frank Lucas (R-Okla.) told Politico.

GOP Rep. Mike Simpson of Idaho told Politico and the party’s constituents “will be angry and could try to boot them from office.” He added that the “burden” of controlling government is that “you can’t blame anyone else.”

According to the outlet, Speaker Paul Ryan thought he had it all figured out after President Donald Trump’s surprising victory in November.

Ryan’s agenda included passing an Obamacare replacement, funding the government (including finding money for the U.S.-Mexico wall), and passing tax reform by the recess.

They accomplished none of that, even though the GOP controls both houses of Congress and the executive branch.

Sharp divisions among House Republicans surfaced in the absence of the ex-president to unite them. Trump and Ryan have so far been unable to control the far-right wing of their party.

In a feeble effort, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) tried to convince Politico that Republicans are unified, pointing to several congressional resolutions that Trump signed.

However, a truly unified party that knows how to govern would have accomplished more.

SOURCE:  Politico


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