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In an incisive op-ed at BlackPressUSA, Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., president and CEO of the National Newspaper Publishers Association, condemns the alt-right’s anti-immigration agenda, calling on Donald Trump to “denounce bigotry and hatred, as well as to champion racial equality.”

One way to stanch the flow of hatred and bigotry is to identify groups and individuals that sponsor the antipathy and hold them accountable, Chavis writes:

Unfortunately, here in my home state of North Carolina, the Foundation for the Carolinas has spent tens of millions of dollars over the years supporting groups that sponsor hate and advance this anti-immigration and population control agenda that threatens our communities. All immigrants should be treated fairly and equally without discrimination.

Behind a veil of anonymity created by the Foundation, donors who support this organization are able to indirectly fund extremist groups without any public accountability. The Foundation prides itself on—and even advertises—donor anonymity as a reason to contribute to the foundation.

Large donors are assured that Foundation for the Carolinas has “fewer reporting requirements” than private foundations that they might otherwise choose as a vehicle for their giving. This condition, afforded to some of our state’s wealthiest individuals, has enabled patrons of the organization to operate unchecked—making this lack of transparency as a significant liability for your organization.

Indeed, Chavis notes that Fred Stanback, a wealthy man from Salisbury, North Carolina, who reportedly supports barring people he considers unsavory from entering the United States because he wants to protect America’s resourceshas been accused of using the foundation to direct his money to extreme causes.

Behind the cloak of the foundation, Mr. Stanback has become a leading supporter, funneling tens of millions of dollars, to fringe anti-immigrant groups including the Federation for American Immigration Reform (labeled an extremist group by the Southern Poverty Law Center),” Chavis writes.

Further, he argues that if not for big-money donors like Stanback, profiteers of hate or anti-immigration groups like the Federation for American Immigration Reform, would not be so successful.

As a civil rights and social justice leader, my view is that we should not tolerate this kind of unjust targeting of our most vulnerable citizens by Foundation for the Carolinas’ anonymous patrons,”

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SOURCE: BlackPressUSA 


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