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A Delaware judge found a 17-year-old teen girl guilty of criminally negligent homicide Thursday after she was caught in a Wilmington high school bathroom fight that left a 16-year-old female student dead last April, reports Associated Press.

From Associated Press:

The ruling came in a nonjury trial for three girls charged in the death of Amy Joyner-Francis. All three were 16 when the fight happened last year and were tried as juveniles. The girl convicted of homicide also was found guilty of misdemeanor conspiracy.

One of the other girls, who in an online post said “we gonna get her…. she’s scared,” and kicked Joyner-Francis while she was on the floor struggling to defend herself, also was convicted of conspiracy.

Family Court Judge Robert Coonin  acquitted the third girl of conspiracy, saying there was no evidence she threatened Joyner-Francis and was even seen on a cellphone video pulling the girl convicted of homicide off Joyner-Francis…An autopsy found that Joyner-Francis, who had a rare heart condition undetected by her doctors, died of sudden cardiac death, aggravated by physical and emotional stress from the April 2016 fight at Howard High School of Technology in Wilmington.

Being declared delinquent, the unnamed teen girl facing the homicide charge would be subject to supervision until the age of 19, reports the New York Daily News.

SOURCE: ABC NewsNew York Daily News


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