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An Alabama judge ruled in favor of a predominantly White town seceding from a multiracial school district to start its own district knowing that race was a huge factor for the split, reports NBC News.

From NBC News:

But in her ruling, Judge Madeline Haikala also reserved the right to reverse her decision if the city of Gardendale reverts back to its segregated past.

Among other things, Haikala has ordered that an African-American be appointed to the all-white school board within 60 days.

…”Race was a motivating factor in Gardendale’s decision to separate from the Jefferson County public school system,” the judge wrote. 

U.W. Clemon, who represents black plaintiffs in the case, said the ruling — a decision that parents are likely to challenge after the Justice Department had previously opposed separation under the Barack Obama administration  — undermines more than half a century of integration efforts, reports The Washington Post.

SOURCE: NBC NewsThe Washington Post


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