Black History Month

Charlotte West High School “decorated” a pair of segregated entrances for Black History Month.

Race Matters

ESPN pundit Stephen A. Smith defended Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for being in a photo showing racists at his high school in 1957.

One Atlanta mom found out that not all students are treated equally after she discovered that Black second graders at her local elementary school were intentionally being put in separate classes from their white colleagues.

The small Alabama city of Gardendale that once seceded from a multiracial school district to start its own segregated all-white district was ordered to pay the NAACP $850,000 in legal fees and expenses for the Black student plaintiffs.

Teachers union president Randi Weingarten said the movement is racist and "a polite cousin to segregation."

Alabama judge Madeline Haikala ruled in favor of a mostly White town seceding from its school district to start its own despite race being a huge motivating factor for the split.

Christine Hoffman, who is the former principal at the predominantly Black Campbell Park Elementary in St. Petersburg, Fla, was transferred within the district after instructing teachers to segregate White students and stirring outrage among parents.


A federal judge on Tuesday signed an order dismissing a 45-year-old racial desegregation case against a school district in Wayne County, Mississippi. The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi approved the joint motion to remove oversight in the case filed by the Department of Justice and the Wayne County School District in […]

WAKE COUNTY, NC.–The stake are rising as politicians, parents and members of the Wake County Public School System battle for and against a measure that would re-segreate the county’s schools. The new “neighborhood schools” platfrom would assign students to schools closer to where they live, rather than busing students to schools outside of their neighborhood […]