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A Delta Air Lines passenger flying to Milwaukee was reportedly kicked off the plane after making an emergency trip to the bathroom, reports NBC News.

From NBC News:

Kima Hamilton told NBC News he had an urgent need to use the bathroom after everyone had boarded Delta Flight 2035 on April 18, and after hearing his plane was third in line to take off he approached the flight attendant and asked to use the restroom.

She said if he did the plane would lose its spot in line to take off, so Hamilton went back to his seat. But after continuing to wait on the tarmac, Hamilton said he could no longer wait and went and used the restroom.

According to the outlet, when Hamilton returned to his seat, he heard an announcement that the aircraft would be going back to the gate to remove a passenger, which turned out to be him.

Following the incident, Delta released a statement saying that the airline’s flight crews are trained to ensure that all of its passengers are safe, reports CBS 58.



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