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The militant terrorist group Boko Haram reportedly launched attacks on Wednesday and Sunday that destroyed villages near Chibok and claimed the lives of 21 people, reports The Cable.

From The Cable:

The insurgents first struck at Kaya, a village 27 km from Chibok, and that residents had deserted their homes. “There is no single soul remaining there (kaya)… The Boko Haram members came in the evening with their motorcycles, bicycles and started firing at everyone in sight,” said Chibok Hassan.

“They burnt many houses. Those who were fortunate ran away, but those who couldn’t escape were attacked. All the villagers have moved out of the village. People did not hear about the killings because the village is not accessible. It is located inside the bush.”

According to the outlet, Hassan says that the group also attacked a village near Gumsri where 14 individuals lost their lives. Military spokesman Sani Usman has yet to comment on the attacks, reports the source.

SOURCE: The Cable


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