The militant terrorist group Boko Haram reportedly launched attacks on villages near Chibok that claimed the lives of 21 people.

Roland Martin marked the occasion of the release of 82 Chibok girls on NewsOne Now, but noted that several more girls are still missing.

Robert Smith offers full scholarships to freed Nigerian schoolgirls. Boko Haram recently released 21 Chibok girls from captivity.

Nigerian army officials claim they rescued a second Chibok girl. A Chibok mothers activist group doubts that the rescued victim is one of the Chibok girls.

Although we all rejoice that over 200 girls were recently rescued from militant Islamic terror group Boko Haram, reports are saying that 90 percent are pregnant, reports, according to The International Business Times. The paper reports: Unofficial reports said 214 female captives out of the 234 freed from the Sambisa Forest over the weekend were visibly pregnant. […]

I was sitting quietly in my office doing some work and a question suddenly gripped me: what would it be like if someone at this exact moment stormed in, kidnapped me, burned down my house and threatened to sell me into slavery? This for the so-called crime of being a female who is working or […]

Why bringing back the Nigerian girls who were kidnapped and sold as brides is about a much bigger issue, and one that is almost never talked about in the U.S. – human trafficking. In the middle of all of the Donald Sterling talk and debate over whether the Clippers did enough or not in the […]

LAGOS, Nigeria – Scores of girls and young women kidnapped from a school in Nigeria are being forced to marry their Islamic extremist abductors, a civil society group reported Wednesday. RELATED: 234 Girls Abducted In Nigeria Still Missing [VIDEO] Parents say the girls are being sold in to marriage to Boko Haram militants for 2,000 naira ($12), Halite […]