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Jason Whitlock reignited the debate about a post-racial America after his stance on LeBron James‘ home being defaced with a racist slur. Whitlock, who believes racism is just a problem faced by poor Americans, got checked by Roland Martin on NewsOne Now and the host offered several examples of pervasive nature of racism for all Blacks.

After running a clip of HBO host Bill Maher using the “n-word” on his show, Martin then played a portion of Whitlock’s statements criticizing the basketball superstar for speaking out against vandals who spray-painted the “n-word” on a gate outside of his Los Angeles home.

It doesn’t matter how much money LeBron James has, he shouldn’t have to deal with the issue of racism in America. It’s very easy to say “oh because he’s rich he isn’t impacted,” and we should only focus on the issue of racism and poor people. But here’s where Jason is wrong. Do you know how racial profiling became a national story? Not because it was happening to poor Black people, it was because of the New Jersey Turnpike, middle and upper-income African-Americans were being stopped driving their fine cars. Yeah, Jason, that’s what happened,” Martin said.

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