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Earlier this week a controversial Buzzfeed article titled What Happened To Black Lives Matter? circulated around the web; questioning the visibility, leadership, and impact that the organization has made following the 2016 presidential election.

“Black Lives Matter is still here. Its groups are still organizing,” wrote Buzzfeed reporter Darren Sands. “But Black Lives Matter is on the verge of losing the traction and momentum that sparked a national shift on criminal justice policy.”

After catching wind of the article, the collective—that has taken a stand for numerous Black and Brown lives since its inception—released a statement standing up for themselves. In a piece featured on Mic, the organization claims that there were several inaccuracies in the article and is demanding that it be retracted.

“These are dangerous times for our people,” read the piece. “History tells us that we need responsible, thoughtful and brave journalism. But movements can be stopped in their tracks by uninformed and inaccurate hit pieces that trade in gossip. We must consider what we believe in, who we stand with, and what we are fighting for.

Black Lives Matter also claims that it isn’t opposed to critique or focused on “ego” or “celebrity” but is centered on their mission to combat systematic racism and evoke real change.

In the Mic statement, the collective highlighted the work that they’ve done thus far including efforts to help those who have been wrongly incarcerated, their #ReclaimMLK campaign, and the several protests that they have organized to inspire individuals to take action.

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SOURCE: Mic, Buzzfeed


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