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The father of a slain 11-year-old New Jersey girl pleaded with President Donald Trump on Monday to give him a travel visa to attend his daughter’s funeral, ABC News reports.

My dear little AbbieGail was taken away and I need to pay my last respects to her,” said teary-eyed father Kenroy Smith, who lives in Jamaica, to Trump. “That’s all I’m asking.”

Smith also made a heartfelt plea for his daughter’s sister to attend the the funeral. The sister’s temporary visa application was denied Wednesday, USA Today reports.

AbbieGail Smith needs her sister there at the moment,” said the girl’s sister, Kennish Smith. “Who’s going to stand up for us? We have no control. We can’t do it on our own.”

Kenroy Smith’s application was in “limbo” after being deported on a drug charge 16 years ago. He will know Friday if he can enter the U.S.

An 18-year-old neighbor is accused of fatally stabbing AbbieGail Smith after she was reported missing from her apartment building in Keansburg, New Jersey earlier this month. Her body was found on July 13.



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