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President Donald Trump has signed the Russia sanctions bill that was forced on him by Congress. Lawmakers have decided to limit the president’s ability to ease penalties on Russia. Trump made a statement saying that he feels the sanctions “encroach on his presidential authority, may hurt U.S. ability to work with allies and could have unintended consequences for American companies.” Bruh, you can barely handle your own grown ass kids from making a mess — take this L gracefully and go back to tweeting.


Badgal Rihanna is always out here for the kids — and demonstrated just that by giving scholarships and bicycles to girls in Malawi. The Harvard Humanitarian of the Year’s Clara Lionel Foundation has partnered with bike-sharing company ofo for a new initiative to support girls’ education in Malawi. The five-year partnership, “1 KM Action,” will give students scholarships and bikes to get to school safely.

SOURCE: Bloomberg, Refinery 29


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