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After reports surfaced that Usher allegedly paid a woman $1.1 million to settle a lawsuit that she filed which claimed that she was diagnosed with herpes after sleeping with him, three more individuals are taking legal action against the singer for his alleged failure to disclose his STD status, reports People.

Lisa Bloom, a celebrity attorney who is representing the accusers, is slated to file a lawsuit on their behalf in California on Monday, the outlet writes. According to a written statement released by Bloom on Friday, two of the alleged victims—a man and a woman—have chosen to keep their identities private. The third accuser—another woman—reportedly plans on sharing her story during a press conference after Bloom files the suit, reports the source.

The STD allegations against the 38-year-old “Confessions” singer has placed him in the midst of several legal battles.

According to the outlet, court documents from his settlement in 2012 alleges that he contracted herpes in 2009. The accuser claimed that he continued to engage in unprotected sexual intercourse with her without disclosing his status.

After word spread about Usher’s settlement, another woman came forward claiming that she had unprotected sex with Usher and he withheld his alleged herpes diagnosis. She filed a lawsuit in Atlanta on April 16 where she is seeking $20 million for emotional distress, medical bills, and damages.

According to People, it is against the law in California to knowingly transmit an STD.

Usher has yet to release a statement regarding the allegations.

SOURCE: People


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