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Almost two years after Colin Kaepernick kneeled for the National Anthem, he can’t get signed to an NFL team. However, some celebs appear to have his back. And it looks like Jesse Williams is the latest star to put his money where his seat is and sat down during the singing of the anthem at the BIG3 basketball game on August 13, in response to the violence going on Charlottesville, Virginia.

During the anthem, the Grey’s Anatomy star posted a video on social media while parked in seat, with the caption, “We’ll stand when you do,” — which many people believe is aimed at Donald Trump. You may recall that the normally outspoken head of state was pretty quiet on Saturday when the white supremacists attacked innocent people in Virginia.

Williams isn’t the only star to follow in Kaepernick’s brave steps. NFL star Marshawn Lynch also sat out the National Anthem this weekend during a pre-season game with the Oakland Raiders. Kudos to those standing by Kaepernick. They are showing more support than the NFL!


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