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Another Black professional athlete is openly criticizing President Donald Trump for asserting a moral equivalence between White supremacists and anti-racism counterprotesters for the violence in Charlotteville.

ESPN reports that Kevin Durant won’t visit the White House if the NBA champion Golden State Warriors receive the traditional invitation to meet with the president.

The reigning NBA Finals MVP told the sports network that he doesn’t “respect who’s in office right now.”

He added, “I don’t agree with what he agrees with, so my voice is going to be heard by not doing that,” which is a personal decision that  he believes his teammates share.

Durant told ESPN that Trump is racially divisive. He blames the president for escalating racial tension and elevating the status of White supremacists. By contrast, President Barack Obama inspired hope, he stated.

The NBA star called on “athletes and people of power and influence” to speak out against the malevolence from the current administration. He praised fellow NBA players, including LeBron James and Chris Paul, as well as NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, for their courage to call out racism when they see it.

He noted that other athletes are working quietly outside the spotlight by giving back to communities that need help.



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