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In a clearly provocative act, two White high school students say they were harassed on the Howard University Campus on Saturday for wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap and T-shirt.

According to a Twitter post from Allie Vandee, she and a friend were part of a group of students visiting the nation’s capital for a site seeing tour. They somehow found their way onto the Howard University campus and decided to have lunch there.

Vandee said a man spotted them wearing the Trump paraphernalia and said, “F—k y’all,” while they were waiting in line at the dining hall. Another man allegedly stole her friend’s MAGA cap.

The students were chaperoned by adults, yet they were all clueless that Howard is an HBCU, and that they could encounter people on campus who found the MAGA gear offensive—especially in the aftermath of the president expressing support for White supremacist groups.

The incident set off a firestorm on social media:


The outrage, though, went both ways. Some people are saying Howard is intolerant of opposing political views:

Howard defended its students, tweeting this thread regarding the incident:

What do you think? Did they innocently go to Howard, or were they trying to spark an incident?


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