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Retired NBA player and sports commentator Charles Barkley implied that counterprotesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, were responsible for the deaths of three people killed during the White supremacist terror attacks.  Barkley told Rock Karle of Birmingham WBRC Fox6 News“I don’t give those skinheads [or] neo-nazis the time of day.” 

He went on to argue that he wouldn’t waste energy on people who would never like him, and he asked of counterprotesters, “What did they think was gonna happen?” He said counterprotesters “whipped up” the energy that quickly became deadly, and he was disappointed that counter-protesters even showed up. “If you go up to meet idiots, idiotic things are going to happen.” 

Barkley has earned a reputation for his unpopular opinions regarding the Black community’s pathology. Barkley has previously said that Black people need to stop protesting and killing police officers. He said that there was enough blame “to go around.” He often says that Black people need to worry more about making their communities better. His comments are quickly picked up and publicized by Fox and other conservative media outlets. Like Bill Cosby, Barkley often speaks as if there is one homogenous Black community that just needs to do better.

Barkley’s most recent comments fit this pattern. He argues that “most” Black people never think about “those stupid statues.” He told Karle, “I’m not going to waste my energy.”

SOURCE: Fox6 News


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