Produced by The Memory Project, a program of the University of Virginia's Democracy Initiative, "Unveiling: The Origins of Charlottesville's Monuments" offers a nuanced conversation about the city's confederate monuments.

A program spearheaded by the Jefferson School African-American Heritage Center wants to repurpose the Lee statute into a nationally renowned work of art reflective of the entire community.

It’s been five years since racism and white supremacy took center stage in Charlottesville, Virginia, at the 'Unite The Right' rally.

Charlottesville City Council came to an agreement to melt down the Robert E. Lee monument and give a local African-American history museum the task of creating something more reflective of the city’s diversity with its remains.

The racist organizers and groups behind the so-called "Unite The Right" rally are finally being held accountable more than four years later and will cost them more than $26 million.

Harry Griffin, a 25-year-old councilmember, voiced support for white nationalists who participated in an alt-right rally on Saturday aimed at "taking back the city."

The white supremacist leader was being exactly who he is and it was caught out on video.

When it comes to white supremacy, how far have we come in two years?

The white nationalist who killed a woman after he drove his car into a group of people peacefully protesting Nazis marching was on Friday found guilty of murder.

Police arrested at least four people allegedly involved in the clash between the white supremacists and anti-racism counter-protesters.

A judge was so outraged by the inexcusable crime of a white supremacist that he exceeded the sentence that prosecutors requested.