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The Bey Hive is getting in formation after Laverne Cox announced a forthcoming collaboration with Beyoncé. Cox casually shared the news during Monday’s Access Hollywood, during which she talked about her Emmy nom for Orange is the New Black, as well as the first time she met Mrs. Carter.

“So, I have no idea [how this came about] to be perfectly honest,” Cox said of their collab. “I’m like, does she pick out her biggest fans ever and work with her? It’s pretty amazing.”

And let’s not forget that in February, Cox revealed she almost appeared in Lemonade. “Miss Tina [Knowles] contacted me about their initial concept of ‘Sorry’ from Lemonade,” Cox told PEOPLE. “They wanted to have all these powerful, empowered black women in the video and they wanted to have me and Viola [Davis] and Kerry [Washington].”

We’re not sure if we’re ready.


Trump’s Arizona rally was nothing short of a sh*t show as he continued to defend his despicable Charlottesville remarks while lamenting the nationwide removal of confederate statues.

They’re trying to take away our culture,” Trump said. “They’re trying to take away our history.” He then referred to those doing away with the commemoration of the Confederacy as “weak, weak people.”

Meanwhile, protesters who demonstrated outside of Trump’s rally were pummeled with rubber bullets and tear gas. This is 2017.


As Bill Cosby prepares for retrial, the troubled comedian is arming himself with a brand new legal team. Leading Cosby’s defense will be Thomas Mesereau, who you may remember as the lawyer who got Michael Jackson acquitted in his 2005 child molestation trial. As Vulture notes, he also defended Suge Knight in his murder case before leaving last year and represented Mike Tyson in his 2001 rape case. Mesereau, who refers to himself as an “unconventional, unpredictable lawyer,” will be joined by ex-federal prosecutor Kathleen Bliss and Philadelphia attorney Sam Silver.

SOURCE: The Huffington Post, People, CNN, Vulture


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