Mike Tyson is getting back in the ring at 58 – what could go wrong? Exploring the health implications of older boxers fighting.

Boxing legend "Iron" Mike Tyson is set to square off against Jake Paul in a match that will be streamed live on Netflix this summer.


Could a writer or filmmaker decide to tell your inspiring story without consulting you? Or do you “own” that story?

The former heavyweight champion of the world is having an epic start to 2018. According to The Blast, Mike Tyson is creating a cannabis resort, which “aims at not only producing high quality strains of THC and CBD, but also implementing cutting-edge technology to advance the research on the health benefits of marijuana.” On December […]

Mike Tyson, 51, said being a victim of childhood sex assault "made me have to be tough for the world I lived in."


Trump is expected to be officially nominated in July at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Mike Tyson‘s latest knock-out doesn’t come from another boxer, but from riding a hoverboard. The former heavyweight champ seems to have the hang of it at the beginning, doing a few spins to show off for the ‘Gram. But as soon as he makes a sudden move to get down the hallway, the 49-year-old proves […]


The proposal was unveiled by House Republicans on Monday night. Under the deal, there would be an increase in military and domestic spending, and the federal borrowing limit would also rise over the next two years.