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UPDATED: Monday August 28, 9 PM EST

A woman sporting  a teal dress in a viral fight video in Coral Springs,Florida, has been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, according to ABC 10 News.

The woman, Summer Cortts, 39, was also charged with inciting a fight in a public place, the television news outlet reports.

The incident took place August 22 at a La Quinta Inn in Coral Springs when Cortts and Colleen Dagg, 23, were involved in a brawl in the lobby after Cortts reportedly made racist comments about Haitians. Cortts then provoked a physical altercation.

Dagg refused to press charges for simple battery, the report says.

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Watch: White Woman Fights Racist White Lady

Social media has become enamored with Colleen Dagg, a White woman recorded on video pummeling a racist White lady in a hotel lobby.

According to what pieced together, the woman in the blue dress made a racist comment about Haitians. She stepped to Dagg and hit her, apparently after getting checked by Dagg. In response, Dagg takes off her shoes and dished out a beatdown. The hotel staff broke it up.

Dagg had this to say about racism:

SOURCE:  Someecards


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