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Hurricane Harvey has devastated the state of Texas, but resident Deandre Wilson wasn’t about to let that rain on his parade. In another prime example of how Black folks find joy even in the most trying times, Wilson (@drehoops10_) took to Twitter to share a video of him breaking it down Stomp the Yard style, complete with 360 spins and hardcore water flicks.

Somebody get my cousin,” Wilson’s cousin later joked. “He think he in ‘Stomp the yard.’” The clip inspired others to film their own videos, sparking what can only be called one of the most epic dance battles to take place on social media.

TELL YO COUSIN ITS ON!!!!!” @hughes_colton, tweeted. “DOUBLE OR NOTHING!!” Later that evening, @Denzellllw dedicated his battle submission to Lil Saint (a hilarious reference to 2004’s You Got Served) before busting a move in ankle deep water.

Twitter thanked Wilson for his light in a dark moment.

Our thoughts are with the residents of Texas as they recover from the storm.

SOURCE: Cassius


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